Bus Accidents in Evendale Ohio

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Evendale many not be the most highly populated city in Ohio, however there has been a fair share of bus accidents in Evendale, Ohio that have left citizens demanding for safety prevention measures to be taken. While you will frequently see municipal buses driving down the streets of Evendale, the majority of bus accidents that occur in this area involve school buses, which has left the parents of small school-age children hesitant to allow their children on the bus at all.

Public safety officials actively work to take the proper precautions to reduce the number of these accidents that occur each year by implementing specific laws that restrict busses from certain traffic privileges such as turning at a red light or stopping at train tracks.

Common Factors That Cause Bus Accidents in Evendale Ohio

While each bus accident may have different variables and factors, due to the landscape and population of the area, there are a few common factors that have played a role in the majority of bus accidents in Evendale Ohio. Some of these include buses that are struck while making wide right hand turns onto main roads, as well as infractions to the right-of-way laws that are currently in place.

Top 3 Bus Accidents in Evendale Ohio

There are several minor bus accidents that occur throughout each year in Evendale, however here are the top 3 accidents of note that have the community striving to implement new laws that may reduce the numbers drastically.

    1. A trailer broke free on the I-75, causing a school bus to lose control and crash. 17 fatalities and several injuries were reported.
    2. GreyHound bus driving southbound on the I-75 (3 weeks later), crashed into the divider and entered into the oncoming northbound traffic. 3 fatalities and several injuries were reported.
    3. Civilian vehicle crashed into school bus on Ohio 125 killing the driver of the car and injuring the bus driver and four students.

Preventing Bus Accidents in Evendale Ohio

Bus accident prevention in Evendale should start with stricter safety laws for bus drivers. While many of the accidents that occur involve civilian vehicles that the bus cannot avoid, many residents believe that if the city implemented mandatory driving safety courses to the bus drivers, there would be fewer accidents. Many residents also believe that designating certain traffic lanes for buses will help as well. Contact an experienced bus accident lawyer if you are ever injured in an accident.

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